Friday, May 2, 2008

Health and the Abundance “Secret”

In some of my recent web wanderings, I have again been stumbling onto that great American health promise. We all know that with a change in attitude and a pinch of optimism, abundant health and particularly weight loss is just around the corner for you! today!…NOW!!

First what we have here is the classic capitalistic power of marketing and promotion. Second, this adult “rational” pitch is on top of a more powerful trigger to our unrecognized, unconscious childhood feelings of false hope and false power. So the choice to buy the product or service is really for a need from long ago and is therefore destined to disappoint and fail. We fail to act consistently in a healthy manner, as the “five easy steps to a healthy diet/exercise habit/sustained weight loss plan” don’t work for us.

Why do we “fall” for these pitches and promotions? In part we fall because our amygdala, which is that part of our brain, which stores our primal emotional scripts, hijacks our rational neo-cortex. Our neo-cortex is that part of our noggin which already knows the core content and information of the health plan offering. This hijacking happens quickly and depending on our level of tiredness “feels” urgent if not essential. We are into primal fight or flight and we must act.!

This illustrates why most behavior change initiatives fail and shows another view of how the false self operates and fails the True Self’s essential and inherent healthy character.

We are not caught in the iron grip of the past.
We are caught in the iron grip of the illusion that we need to
protect ourselves against what happened in the past.

Ingeborg Bosch