Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random wellness thoughts from the 2013 Ancesteral Health Symposium

Arriving and wanting to find the new cleverness, the next BIG thing, but instead sensing the essential, the whole --and what a fun discovery! As was noted at last year’s symposium, the attendees were a beautiful bunch of curious, fun folks. And the spirit palpable, flowing and inviting and perhaps most were unaware, and yet it is and was always breaking through. The wonderful farming couple from Floyd, Va., the mother filled with the joy of her new baby. I loved their samples and kept finding an excuse to be near them. Mercy and grace shining in their joyful presence and en-thu-si-asm, meaning with God, I am told. Oh the wonder and depth of it all! All wanting and desiring more and the spirit implanting this and nurturing these desires of the heart for more.

Smart phones keeping us connected to our lives back home, and yet drawing us away from the vulnerability of silence that always births in the meeting of a new, separate soul. Not knowing or perhaps unwilling to allow the spirit to move; unable to move into the intimate challenge of really meeting each other.

Primates mentioned as spending much of their time grooming each other in the talk describing the concerns about social media. What is our equivalent of this behavior? Just hanging out and playing and loving and enjoying? Yes, the joy of being is enough and yet feeling the tinge of loss at not connecting deeper, always wanting to go deeper always wanting more as the good desire of the spirit keeping us feeling the nips of the hound of heaven. There is always more in to the beauty and the goodness and the truth.

The playing/movement coaching from my man from London was wonderful and freeing --the best part of the symposium. Overwhelmed by the sensing of the positive hearts dancing with the Trinity expanding and touching as we do the crab walk and these “pilgrim strangers" holding me up and encouraging me to hold my legs off the ground in a spontaneous, simple human connecting moment. The movement of my heart, echoing the behavior of my child bride, in the tipping of the soul who would be cleaning my room; pushed ever closer to you in spite of my innate frugalness. Thank you!

And the strength and enthusiasm of the farmer and his wife with their forty plus head of water buffalo living the good life and battling the nonsense and leviathan of our Federal government with the good libertarian fight. It is all good and belongs in our stumbling beautiful movement deeper into the wonderful dance of wellness. The caller of the dance calling the steps, as we move to get a little closer to thee.