Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bathing in Silence

The world is almost never truly silent, except perhaps in a vacuum chamber somewhere. And yet it is in sitting in and with silence that we begin to really hear what is most appropriate for our day as far as health behavior is concerned. A period of silence, prayer (listening to God), or meditation is necessary as our next breath if we are to live out our true potential. If in this idea you notice resistance, ask yourself simply how is it working with just you in charge?

The only "Dancing with the Stars" worthy of attention, is between your free will "star" and the supernova of gratuitous grace. Sometimes grace is clearly leading the dance. Well really always, but we are given the harmless illusion that we are leading sometime just so we come back next week. But really it is an ever present dance in which our will or choice can be engaged by listening through the silence to the next announcement of the still small voice. It may just be a whisper, but sometimes in may be a scream, especially if you have not been listening to the whispers! And the source powering the voice and composing the content of the message is being crafted just for you in a particular moment. This moment -- pregnant with your level of known willingness and your heart and head positioned just right to hear and receive--is a distilled point of the infinite possibilities just for you, NOW! Rather amazing and humbling.

So what should your eating or exercise choices consist of today? Well, take a few moments to recognize and find "the gratefuls" in what already has or is producing the fruitful results. Let this reality and the context of the success bath you with strength and positive energy. Then,refreshed and energized by your first bath, enter perhaps what is the larger bath of silence, and turn your attention to the vastness and depth. Watch for the bubbling whispers that may just pop into a scream, offering the clarity of the more integrated, customized platter of healthy choices Wow, I can't wait for my baths!